• Bubbleshooter Classic
    Bubble Shooter Classic
    The classic bubbleshooter in HTML5, so you can play this game on all devices.
  • The Sorcerer
    The Sorcerer
    Awarded as the best puzzle game in HTML5 Most Wanted contest. Play on all devices one of the best Chain Games.
  • Bubble Touch
    Bubble Touch
    One of the free Bubble Touch Games that you can play here online. Very easy games, perfect for kids.
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Bubble Shooter Games
You can play the classic Bubble Shooter Games online on all devices for free here.
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Bubble Touch Games
Let the bubbles burst by clicking on them and get as many points as possible. Games for young and old.
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Chain Games
In the chain games you have to line up at least bubbles of the same color. Similar like Bubble Shooter.
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Free Online HTML5 Bubbleshooter Games UK


British site for free online bubbleshooter games without registration.

Here you can play free online bubble shooter games. All of our bubbleshooter games are free, with no strings attached. They do not require users to sign up or any other stipulation. All a player needs is to choose a game and start the game. Most of our games allow players to play on mobile devices. For convenience, rotate your phone horizontally when playing Bubbleshooter on your tablet or smartphone.

Bubbleshooter shooter games come in different formats and layouts. But most of them feature rows of bubbles of different colours that the player needs to eliminate by adding another bubble of a similar colour. The pointer keeps loading with new bubbles of different colours so that the player has to keep changing the target to ensure that they shoot the right bubbles.

Players earn points for shooting the right target and get bonuses for eliminating several bubbles with a single shot. The game ends if a player shoots several times without hitting the mark because the rows fill up, leaving no room for the pointer to target. However, players who eliminate all the rows on the screen advance to the next level.

Bubble Shooter Formats, layouts and variants

There are numerous variations of bubbleshooter games that are available online, although most have similar rules. The differences lie in the aesthetics, with some formats having ornaments such as animations and fancy shapes. Other developers have introduced features like puzzle and arcade mode, although the goal is still the same. We've categorized our games into three categories and distinguish between Bubble Shooter, Bubble Touch and Chain Games, also known as Zuma Games.

Some games use a simple layout with rows of air bubbles at the top of the screen and the pointer at the bottom. There a bubble that is ready to shoot and another one on the line. This enables the player to target and plan for the next hit. Players target by pointing the arrow towards the set of bubbles they want to burst. They then shoot by pressing the left mouse button.

Bubbleshooter Game Rules

The bubbleshooter game setup is rather intuitive, but new players can benefit from learning the tricks that will enable them to advance to the higher levels. The objective of the game is to garner many points by shooting down different bubble combinations. To make a successful hit, players need to connect or hit groups of three or more bubbles of a similar colour. Players can maximise points by targeting the largest groups of bubbles of the same colour. After shooting six times, a new row appears at the top of the screen. You need to use your shots wisely because the game ends when the rows reach the lower border on the screen.

Elite players make advanced shots by bouncing bubbles off the border walls on the left and the right of the screen. Eliminate nuisance bubbles by separating them from the other rows because isolation causes them to burst. Typically, the speed of gun loading increases with each level, so the player has to target faster, or they will run out of space and lose the game.

Play now online, without registration, without download, without installation directly in your browser and on your mobile devices free bubble shooter games.

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