Aqua Bubble Shooter

Aqua Bubble Shooter


Aqua Bubble Shooter

The Aqua Bubble Shooter is as the name suggests a shooter that is played under water. You can expect 20 levels and more of pure entertainment and fun in bubble shooting. You can earn coins per level and redeem them afterwards for pimped bubbles.

You will be accompanied by funny graphics and have long term fun with Aqua Bubble Shooter. A game for the break and for in between, which can be played without long loading time.

We recommend that you play the game in full screen if you are accessing it on a mobile device. However, there may be restrictions on playing and loading the game when you access it with a smartphone or tablet.

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Aqua Bubble Shooter Instruction

The game is programmed using WebGL, so you can easily play it through your browser. Use the mouse to move the cursor and shoot with the left mouse button. Redeem your coins to have better weapons against the bubbles.

It is a great pity, but you can't play this game on a smartphone or on a tablet. Unity WebGL is not compatible with mobile devices, so you can only play this game on the desktop. Give it a try, it's definitely worth it. Otherwise we have many more bubble shooter games that you can play on your mobile.

Aqua Bubbleshooter