Bubble Touch

Bubble Touch


Free HTML5 Bubble Touch

Bubble Touch is a simple but good HTML5 game.

By programming with HTML5 and Javascript it is possible for us to offer the game for all platforms. And that for free!

Everyone who wants to play will be able to play this game. It is a simple game where you have to make the bubbles burst before they hit the ceiling and burst. If they do that, you will lose a life. Be careful because you only have four lives.

Watch the bubbles. Bubbles with a bomb you should be running, not clicking. If you do, your life will be taken away. However, some bubbles contain hearts that will bring you new lives. So it's up to you how high your score is and if you can beat it.

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Bubble Touch Instruction

What should we write about the manual? The game is so simple and so self-explanatory that no manual is needed. We recommend that you play the game on your computer and on mobile. Experience shows that we were able to score the most points on the computer. However, if you want to play with a tablet or phone, you can do so.

Any unusually high score should be shared with the community. We would be happy if you would support us and tell your friends about this game and this platform on social media. Thanks a lot and have fun!

Bubble Touch