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Bubble Touch 2


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Bubble Touch 2is not a direct successor of Bubble Touch. It is a simple game to get the feel of a bubble game. Especially for younger gamers the game is very suitable, because it is easy to implement and easy to play.

The goal is to try to earn as many points as possible. Ideally, you should be able to burst the bubble at 3 points. That way you can get the optimum out of it.

If the bubble is placed at 1 point, you will receive only one point. So try to reach the optimum. And especially before the bubble hits the thorns at the top. You have three lives.

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Bubble Touch 2 Instruction

Bubble Touch 2 is not a science. You don't need much practice, you can start right away. The game starts without long loading times. The bubbles come from bottom to top. Before the thorns are reached, you have to burst the bubbles by clicking on them with the mouse.

If you are playing with a mobile device, of course you use your fingers to burst the bubbles.

The game was developed with Construct 2 for all browsers and devices. If you like the game, you should definitely play it with your desktop PC or with your smartphone to try out both.

Bubble Touch 2