Bubble Shooter 50Level

Bubble Shooter 50 Levels Pack


Free Bubble Shooter with 50 Level Pack

Bubble Shooter 50Level is as the name suggests, a bubble shooter with 50 levels. 50 challenges, all of which you can play during your lunch break or in your free time. FREE, ONLINE and without having to install this game.

We can offer you the game directly for your browser. That means you load the game in your browser, whether on iOS, Android or on your desktop PC. All browsers and devices support Bubbleshooter 50Level, which is programmed in HTML5 and Javascript.

Bubbleshooter 50 Level was developed by Codethislab and published by bubble-shooter.ch, our bubble game site in Switzerland.

It is important for us to repeat that the game is guaranteed free! More information about the game below...

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Bubble Shooter 50Level Instruction

The Bubble Shooter 50Level Game is self-explanatory, nevertheless we would like to go into the game in detail here. Because of the above mentioned programming, you can play the game on all devices. But the controls are different.

If you are a PC gamer, you have to use the mouse or mouse pad to shoot the bubbles. Move the cursor in the direction you want to shoot. Make sure that you aim as accurately as possible. You can shoot with one click.

On the mobile device, we recommend you access the full screen mode. The game has a touch screen function, so you only need to use your fingers to shoot. Click on the spot you want to shoot at.

The game will be cached in your browser, so you can pause at any time to review your score afterwards. All you need to do is not clear the cache.

Can you manage to solve all 50 levels? Good luck and above all, have fun playing!