Bubble Shooter Classic

Bubble Shooter Classic


Free Bubble Shooter Classic

Before we start, we must confess that this is not the Bubble Shooter Classic. However, it has the same name and comes very close to the original.

Combine at least three bubbles of an identical color. For each combination you will receive points for your score, which will be saved in your browser. Every time you play Bubble Shooter Classic again, you can try to beat the score you have already earned.

Of course you can also play this game for free here. Supported by iOS, Android and all browsers on the desktop computer.

More support, help and information about the game can be found below. Have fun playing the game!

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Bubble Shooter Classic Instruction

We present to you the free game Bubble Shooter Classic. Developed by gameboss.com and published by bubbleshooter.uk. A shooter game like ours does not require much explanation. However, you need to know that the controls are different on each device.

On the smartphone or tablet, you can play the game with the touch screen function. On the computer with the mouse pad, you can shoot with the left mouse button.

It is a very simple gameplay, which is probably one of the reasons why the genre is so popular. Because of the ease of play, both older players and the younger players can play the game. We recommend the Bubbleshooter Classic from 4 years of age. But please only under adult supervision and not for too long.

Once the line of bubbles is at the bottom, the game is considered lost. But your points count. Everybody loses, the goal is to get as many points as possible.

Free Bubble Shooter Classic