Bubble Shooter 2

Bubble Shooter 2


Free Online Bubble Shooter 2

Bubbleshooter 2 is the self-proclaimed second part of the classic game. You can argue about which Bubbleshooter is or was part 1, which part 2 and part 3.

But it is one that is very classic, guaranteed not boring and has the fun factor of the first part. The game comes in two modes. Once in Classic Mode and once in Time Mode. In Classic Mode you play to the end. At the end the score you get will decide how good you are. In Time Mode, time runs against you. You are put under pressure and have to complete tasks before time runs out.

The game is in HTML5 and works wonderfully on all devices. Both iOS, Android and Desktop support the game.

A remake of the Bubbleshooter classic that leaves nothing to be desired. Play online now for free without registration!

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Bubble Shooter 2 Instruction

The rules of Bubbleshooter 2 are quite simple. Just like in all other Bubble Shooter games, you have to combine bubbles of the same color to shoot them off the field. For each successful combination you receive points. Both in Classic Mode and Time Mode.

You can play the game for free without download and without installation here at bubbleshooter.uk. As already mentioned all devices are supported. If you play with a computer, use the mouse and the mouse button to play. On the smartphone or tablet the touchscreen function.

On the mobile device, we recommend you access the full screen mode. The game has a touch screen function, so you only need to use your fingers to shoot. Click on the spot you want to shoot at.

We can recommend all platforms with a clear conscience. We also recommend to play the game on the mobile device. Just like a real app, you can save this game as a web app on your device for faster access.

Bubbleshooter 2