Soap Ball Craze

Soap Ball Craze


Soap Ball Craze - The somewhat different Bubbleshooter

Soap Ball Craze is the somewhat different shooter game.

The game was created using Construct2 and WebGL and is compatible with all devices due to HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript programming. All browsers support this game. You don't need any installation or registration. Maybe we recommend playing the game in full screen, especially if you have visited this site with a mobile device.

The Avatar in the game is a baby in a bathtub. Armed with a cannon, your goal is to shoot as many bubbles as possible per level.

Your goal is to unlock as many levels as possible and get the most points. Altogether 24 cool, exciting and diversified levels are waiting for you to play.

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Soap Ball Craze Instruction

The game itself is quite simple. The avatar is on the left side. Sitting in the bathtub and equipped with a cannon, your task is to hit as many bubbles as possible. You will receive a certain number of points if you are successful. These points add up until your cannonballs are used up. You must earn a certain number of points per level to unlock the next level.

In Soap Ball Craze you have 24 levels to play. Can you solve all 24 levels and do you manage to get the maximum? Congratulations. You are a baby with a gun and better than that Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator.

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