Space Bubbles

Space Bubbles


Space Bubbles - Free Online Bubble Game

Space Bubbles is a free online game with 70 levels. Great physics and great effects make the Bubble Shooter unique.

The theme of the bubbleshooter game takes place in space. You start in the first level, a small challenge for every player. The higher the level, the more difficult the success. The further levels you have to unlock. As soon as you have successfully completed one level, you can play the following level.

As soon as the bubbles reach the cannons in the lower game area, the level is lost, but not the game. As long as the level is cached in your browser, no deletion will take place. You can always restart the lost level.

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Space Bubbles Instruction

When you play on the computer, you control the cannon with your mouse. Try to play over the board to hit difficult parts of the game. Once you have removed all the bubbles, you move on to the next level.

You can play the game on your mobile phone and also on the tablet. The game is supported by iOS and Android. An installation of a plugin or app is not necessary.

You can play this and all other bubble games here permanently free and uncomplicated.

Space Bubbles